What is Mental Nutrition®?

  • Puzzled that people don’t ‘get’ your message?
  • Finding people misunderstand you, misinterpret what you’re saying?


Could be they’re having trouble figuring out what you’re on about.
Chances are, they don't fully understand what you mean.
Possibly, they hold different assumptions, beliefs and expectations.

How you think and talk makes a difference to how well you connect with, understand, and are understood by, other people. As a manager, leader, team member, colleague, to take your interpersonal skills to a higher level you need to be an elegant sense-maker.

An elegant sense-maker is a person who helps people construct meanings so they can make sense of everyday workplace experiences.

Mental Nutrition® is about using mind and language  practices to become an elegant sense-maker.

On this web site you can learn more about sense-making practice, and services and resources to support your sense-making skills.

Dr Ann Villiers is the author of How To Write and Talk to Selection Criteria, 6th edition, 2015